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Cytura Unveils XML-Based Ebusiness Platform

Cytura Corporation announced the introduction of Cytura 3.0, a comprehensive XML-based eBusiness platform. Cytura 3.0 is an eBusiness platform that enables non-technical employees such as marketers and administrators to operate without IT support. Cytura 3.0 also combines extreme personalization, real-time content management and community building capabilities into a single integrated offering, yielding a lower cost of ownership, more powerful performance and “one stop shopping” convenience for the cost-effective development and operation of a corporate Web portal. Supporting multiple languages from a unified framework, Cytura’s software and tools provide B2B, B2C and EIP solutions for clients in a variety of vertical industries and international markets. Key features and benefits of Cytura 3.0 include: Extreme Personalization–With Cytura 3.0, companies can personalize content to the word level, update content in real-time and rapidly build out syndicated communities across multiple languages. An entire article, sentence or paragraph can be personalized depending on the site user’s age, location, interests, relationship, etc.; Rapid site building, administration and management functionality–Cytura’s Site Builder application and administrative tools enable non-technical employees to build all of the community sites within a portal. The administrator can easily build layouts, add menu items and define the type of content or value-added services to display in each area of the site without any scripting; and Rapid Syndication of New Communities–Companies can easily deploy new communities and syndicate sites as their needs grow. Cytura leverages open standards such as XML, XHTML and Java. Cytura 3.0 is available immediately to all industries, including healthcare, media/entertainment, financial services, insurance, manufacturing telecommunications and energy.

Accumedia Teams with Vignette

Accumedia announced a development partnership with Vignette Corporation. The partnership will allow Accumedia to help media and entertainment (ME) companies effectively manage and distribute their digital assets. Accumedia will integrate the Vignette V/5 E-business Application Platform into the Accumedia Convergence Platform (CAP) to enable entertainment and media companies control the creation, distribution and management of their content assets as they deploy them through the Internet.,

appsolut Enterprise Portal Suite 2.0 Available

appsolut software gmbh announced the release of the appsolut Enterprise Portal Suite 2.0. Version 2.0 can be implemented more quickly and provides a wider array of functions compared to its predecessor, such as improved user and role management, optimized access to MS Exchange and Lotus Notes, as well as new content management functions. The appsolut Enterprise Portal Suite 2.0 can be easily customized and offers an enterprise portal solution that caters to organizations’ specific needs. All corporate processes — spanning various applications and data sources — can be integrated into a single browser interface. This web-based portal interface replaces the interfaces of the different applications throughout the organization. Rather than having to deal with a multitude of proprietary interfaces with different log-on procedures and input modes, portal users can now work with one, clear-cut enterprise portal interface. Relevant data and functions are made available to enterprise portal users at the right location and the right time — personalized and role-specific. This way, companies can effectively streamline operations and avoid costly user training and support. The appsolut Enterprise Portal Suite 2.0 allows users to ‘take’ corporate bits of information from the organization’s IT systems and ‘assemble’ them within a new process context. The resulting portal application is more useful to users than the sum of the individual applications. This capability of consistently mapping corporate processes with information is what makes the appsolut Enterprise Portal Suite 2.0 a unique innovation in the enterprise portal market. Its framework approach is what makes the appsolut Enterprise Portal Suite 2.0 so flexible. Enterprise portal functions are encapsulated in individual modules, which can be integrated into the framework according to specific corporate requirements.

Interwoven Announces TeamSite 4.5 B2B Edition

Interwoven, Inc. announced its latest addition to the TeamSite software suite, TeamSite 4.5 B2B Edition. The B2B Edition of TeamSite empowers trading partners to easily contribute and publish B2B content. It also provides features tailored specifically for suppliers, marketplaces and other B2B sites to accelerate and control the interchange and syndication of commerce-critical content. The B2B Edition serves the needs of the 1000+ Ariba and Commerce One customers. The TeamSite 4.5 B2B Edition includes supplier and exchange enablement features such as: New merchandizing-specific workflow which accelerates and controls the markup of product and catalog-related content; Integration workflow for B2Bi and EAI (webMethods and TIBCO) that allows the rapid inclusion of legacy and ERP content; Automated transformation and validation of XML to cXML (Ariba) and xCBL (Commerce One) which ensures the quality and timeliness of content targeted to B2B sites; Individual product specialist or team work areas for collaborative content development and quality assurance. As part of the Interwoven Content Interchange Framework, TeamSite 4.5 B2B Edition is expected to be generally available in January 2001. The Framework, introduced in August 2000, is Interwoven’s strategy to provide, in conjunction with other partners, a comprehensive content solution for B2B suppliers and exchanges.

Artesia Releases Teams 4.1

Artesia Technologies announced a major enhancement for its software for the management and distribution of rich media. Slated for general availability later this month, TEAMS 4.1 will offer integrators and consultants a number of new APIs that open customization and implementation opportunities for creating new enterprise-class applications. The newest version of TEAMS incorporates support for such video formats as Real, AVI, Quicktime, Microsoft ASF, MPEG1 and MPEG2, and provides users with the ability to edit and sequence video programming via their web browser through the inclusion of TEAMS’ Clip Identifier (CI), Clip Time Adjuster (CTA) and Play Decision List (PDL) features. The full integration of Virage’s VideoLogger into TEAMS allows the software to seamlessly ingest video and audio programming into a central repository so that the user may take advantage of Artesia’s search and retrieval functionality in order to located specific assets based on key frames, speech that has been converted to text, and a number of other parameters. Based on J2EE JSP technology, TEAMS 4.1’s web user interface provides users with a full range of advanced functionality to capture, manage, access, retrieve and distribute digital assets. In addition, TEAMS’ web interface incorporates support for localization and internationalization using ISO8859 character sets. With the addition of these and other web-based capabilities, TEAMS can allow creative, trade and marketing partners to collaborate online in the development and deployment of digital assets of all types. Pricing for TEAMS 4.1 is available from Artesia Technologies or an authorized reseller.

Sequoia Software & Partner

Sequoia Software Corporation announced it has entered into a three-pronged strategic alliance with Sequoia has licensed Doclinx’s Docsan XML search engine, enhancing the search performance of XPS, Sequoia’s XML-pure portal software. Doclinx has become a value added reseller of XPS, and will expand the scope of its consulting practice to focus on portal engagements. Sequoia is also turning to Doclinx for Java consulting expertise as it ramps up the development of XPS for Unix, based on Java 2 Enterprise Edition. The Docsan XML search engine gives users the ability to conduct free text and XML-based searches across data and documents in over 200 file formats. Sequoia selected Docsan over other better-known search engines, because of its native support for XML and proven performance.,

SoftQuad & Documentum Announce XML Content Management Solution

SoftQuad Software, Ltd. and Documentum, Inc. announced a technology integration, which brings the advantages of XML content management to Global 2000 companies with e-business initiatives. The integration of SoftQuad XMetaL to Documentum 4i eBusiness Platform enables business users to easily create, manage, and share customized content across e-business applications and the Web. SoftQuad’s integration module is targeted for availability by the end of this month, coinciding with Documentum’s targeted release of its newly announced version of the 4i eBusiness Platform. The new product integration allows users to create, edit and save XML documents into Documentum’s content repository directly from within XMetaL, while managing content lifecycle with the Documentum 4i eBusiness Platform. The solution enables enterprises to manage and deliver customized XML content to different audiences and delivery channels, such as e-commerce sites, portals, handheld and wireless devices, and electronic marketplaces.,

RightWorks Launches Open Commerce Network

RightWorks Corporation announced the launch of the RightWorks Open Commerce Network, an open, horizontal exchange and virtual content aggregation portal that provides centralized access to products and value-added services over the Internet. In addition, RightWorks announced functionality and scalability enhancements to the RightWorks Universal Content Manager, a secure catalog server. Both announcements are part of RightWorks’ strategic supplier enablement initiative to offer “content anywhere.” Powered by the RightWorks Universal Content Manager, the Open Commerce Network enables suppliers to automate and personalize catalogs at a centralized location and selectively publish them to buying organizations. The RightWorks Open Commerce Network incorporates catalog management software from Cardonet to offer suppliers a second-generation set of online self-service tools for maintaining personalized electronic catalogs, which produces cost saving by reducing infrastructure expenses. It also offers a streamlined approach for updating content across organizations; real-time views of buyer-specific pricing and terms; the ability to maintain a single catalog view while assigning multiple pricing contracts; rapid electronic catalog standardization; the ability to define complex products with an unlimited number of attributes; and an automated content cleansing and normalization process that enables fast, accurate, comprehensive item search results. The RightWorks Open Commerce Network also provides suppliers access to new sales channels. A component of the RightWorks eBusiness Application Suite, the RightWorks Universal Content Manager now features a second-generation catalog engine. The new catalog server enables organizations to maintain millions of SKUs on a single database. Because it is “stateless” and “cacheless,” processing updates to the catalog content takes just minutes. The new catalog server also provides enhanced functionalities such as advanced parametric search, content standardization, flexible pricing schemes, and ability to tunnel out and in. The RightWorks eBusiness Application Suite, including the RightWorks Universal Content Manager, supports 12 local languages including English, UK English, two variations of French (Continental and French Canadian), two variations of Spanish (Continental and Latin), Portuguese, German, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Modules are priced separately and will be available in mid-December.

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