appsolut software gmbh announced the release of the appsolut Enterprise Portal Suite 2.0. Version 2.0 can be implemented more quickly and provides a wider array of functions compared to its predecessor, such as improved user and role management, optimized access to MS Exchange and Lotus Notes, as well as new content management functions. The appsolut Enterprise Portal Suite 2.0 can be easily customized and offers an enterprise portal solution that caters to organizations’ specific needs. All corporate processes — spanning various applications and data sources — can be integrated into a single browser interface. This web-based portal interface replaces the interfaces of the different applications throughout the organization. Rather than having to deal with a multitude of proprietary interfaces with different log-on procedures and input modes, portal users can now work with one, clear-cut enterprise portal interface. Relevant data and functions are made available to enterprise portal users at the right location and the right time — personalized and role-specific. This way, companies can effectively streamline operations and avoid costly user training and support. The appsolut Enterprise Portal Suite 2.0 allows users to ‘take’ corporate bits of information from the organization’s IT systems and ‘assemble’ them within a new process context. The resulting portal application is more useful to users than the sum of the individual applications. This capability of consistently mapping corporate processes with information is what makes the appsolut Enterprise Portal Suite 2.0 a unique innovation in the enterprise portal market. Its framework approach is what makes the appsolut Enterprise Portal Suite 2.0 so flexible. Enterprise portal functions are encapsulated in individual modules, which can be integrated into the framework according to specific corporate requirements.