Artesia Technologies announced a major enhancement for its software for the management and distribution of rich media. Slated for general availability later this month, TEAMS 4.1 will offer integrators and consultants a number of new APIs that open customization and implementation opportunities for creating new enterprise-class applications. The newest version of TEAMS incorporates support for such video formats as Real, AVI, Quicktime, Microsoft ASF, MPEG1 and MPEG2, and provides users with the ability to edit and sequence video programming via their web browser through the inclusion of TEAMS’ Clip Identifier (CI), Clip Time Adjuster (CTA) and Play Decision List (PDL) features. The full integration of Virage’s VideoLogger into TEAMS allows the software to seamlessly ingest video and audio programming into a central repository so that the user may take advantage of Artesia’s search and retrieval functionality in order to located specific assets based on key frames, speech that has been converted to text, and a number of other parameters. Based on J2EE JSP technology, TEAMS 4.1’s web user interface provides users with a full range of advanced functionality to capture, manage, access, retrieve and distribute digital assets. In addition, TEAMS’ web interface incorporates support for localization and internationalization using ISO8859 character sets. With the addition of these and other web-based capabilities, TEAMS can allow creative, trade and marketing partners to collaborate online in the development and deployment of digital assets of all types. Pricing for TEAMS 4.1 is available from Artesia Technologies or an authorized reseller.