Interwoven, Inc. announced its latest addition to the TeamSite software suite, TeamSite 4.5 B2B Edition. The B2B Edition of TeamSite empowers trading partners to easily contribute and publish B2B content. It also provides features tailored specifically for suppliers, marketplaces and other B2B sites to accelerate and control the interchange and syndication of commerce-critical content. The B2B Edition serves the needs of the 1000+ Ariba and Commerce One customers. The TeamSite 4.5 B2B Edition includes supplier and exchange enablement features such as: New merchandizing-specific workflow which accelerates and controls the markup of product and catalog-related content; Integration workflow for B2Bi and EAI (webMethods and TIBCO) that allows the rapid inclusion of legacy and ERP content; Automated transformation and validation of XML to cXML (Ariba) and xCBL (Commerce One) which ensures the quality and timeliness of content targeted to B2B sites; Individual product specialist or team work areas for collaborative content development and quality assurance. As part of the Interwoven Content Interchange Framework, TeamSite 4.5 B2B Edition is expected to be generally available in January 2001. The Framework, introduced in August 2000, is Interwoven’s strategy to provide, in conjunction with other partners, a comprehensive content solution for B2B suppliers and exchanges.