Cytura Corporation announced the introduction of Cytura 3.0, a comprehensive XML-based eBusiness platform. Cytura 3.0 is an eBusiness platform that enables non-technical employees such as marketers and administrators to operate without IT support. Cytura 3.0 also combines extreme personalization, real-time content management and community building capabilities into a single integrated offering, yielding a lower cost of ownership, more powerful performance and “one stop shopping” convenience for the cost-effective development and operation of a corporate Web portal. Supporting multiple languages from a unified framework, Cytura’s software and tools provide B2B, B2C and EIP solutions for clients in a variety of vertical industries and international markets. Key features and benefits of Cytura 3.0 include: Extreme Personalization–With Cytura 3.0, companies can personalize content to the word level, update content in real-time and rapidly build out syndicated communities across multiple languages. An entire article, sentence or paragraph can be personalized depending on the site user’s age, location, interests, relationship, etc.; Rapid site building, administration and management functionality–Cytura’s Site Builder application and administrative tools enable non-technical employees to build all of the community sites within a portal. The administrator can easily build layouts, add menu items and define the type of content or value-added services to display in each area of the site without any scripting; and Rapid Syndication of New Communities–Companies can easily deploy new communities and syndicate sites as their needs grow. Cytura leverages open standards such as XML, XHTML and Java. Cytura 3.0 is available immediately to all industries, including healthcare, media/entertainment, financial services, insurance, manufacturing telecommunications and energy.