IXOS SOFTWARE AG, announced a new release of its IXOS-DocuLink solution. IXOS-DocuLink organizes documents in structured folders and provides users with uniform access to both SAP data and non-R/3-related documents. The new release, IXOS-DocuLink 3.0, is integrated with mySAP.com Workplace. IXOS-DocuLink 3.0 fully supports the functionality of the new enjoySAP and mySAP.com Workplace user interfaces, and provides users with an intuitive and user-friendly environment. IXOS-DocuLink complements the process-oriented mySAP.com search and navigation functions with its document-oriented view. Companies today need quick and easy access to specific documents that are linked to business processes – such as inquiries, offers, orders and delivery notes. IXOS-DocuLink enables such results with its document-based approach so often required to access company-internal information. With IXOS-DocuLink, group-specific document views, such as customer files, can be easily configured and customized without additional programming. DocuLink does not require R/3-specific knowledge to access information. Users with little or no SAP knowledge can easily access and use all of the enterprise-wide information and/or documents. With IXOS-DocuLink, employees can link web-based mySAP.com Workplace R/3 data to non-SAP-related data to integrate them in a uniform view. In addition IXOS-DocuLink supports mySAP.com Workplace functionalities such as “drag and relate.” So, with IXOS-DocuLink, users can simply “drag and relate” to link an R/3 customer number to a process — and then quickly view all the documents for that specific customer number. IXOS-DocuLink 3.0 is immediately available to customers worldwide. IXOS-DocuLink 2.0 customers will receive a free upgrade to the new IXOS-DocuLink 3.0 version. www.ixos.de