Glides Inc. announced the availability of UniSite 2000, a database-driven platform for creating and managing multilingual Web sites. UniSite 2000 helps corporations manage their multilingual websites more efficiently, create a site optimized for doing business and communicating with customers and partners in international markets, and to organize content by country, region, or group. Based on a platform developed and case-tested with partners, UniSite 2000 offers remote content administration, universal character recognition that accommodates double-byte character sets such as Japanese, bi-directional text for Hebrew and Arabic, and integration with XML-enabled applications. A key feature of UniSite 2000 is the reuse of existing sites. With UniSite’s integrated Assistant, existing content is tagged and ready for globalization in minutes. And because UniSite can be delivered as an outsourced ASP solution, companies can avoid the hardware costs associated with traditional multilingual solutions. Additionally, UniSite 2000 has an open, flexible interface that allows a company to retain its current live Web site hosting situation and development tools including DreamWeaver, HomeSite, and FrontPage.