Everypath has formed an alliance with Interwoven, Inc. Everypath’s wireless platform, based on its “Intelligent Rendering” process, represents a key, enabling component of the new wireless framework announced today by Interwoven. In support of Interwoven’s Framework for the Wireless Web, Everypath will provide the Mobile Application Server technology that will allow joint customers to leverage existing content for optimized use on various devices, such as smart phones, PDAs, and interactive TV. Interwoven’s Framework for the Wireless Web consists of partner solutions and Interwoven TeamSite software as the common XML-based platform to extend an enterprise’s reach to new channels through any device. The two companies’ offerings will help enterprises rapidly increase and leverage their touch-points by making data, information, and applications available to customers, employees, and partners on multiple devices. www.interwoven.com, www.everypath.com