Siteimprove, a platform to help brands stand out with accessible, high-performing digital content experiences, launched new capabilities designed to turn large amounts of data into actionable, easy to understand insights, increase cross-organizational collaboration, facilitate confident decision making, and deliver tangible outcomes. Today’s launch includes four initiatives:

  • Top Paths – To identify high-performing content
    • With Top Paths, marketers can understand the impact of their content on conversion metrics to focus on what moves the needle.
  • Visitor Engagement Score – the Digital Certainty Index (DCI)score of engagement
    • 95 percent of website visits are non-converting, but that doesn’t mean they fail to deliver value. With Visitor Engagement Score, marketers can now measure visitor engagement with their content beyond conversions to better understand the full impact of their organizations’  across the customer journey.
  • No-Code Event Tracking – event configuration without the hassle
    • With No-Code Event Tracking, marketers can now set up events quickly, with full transparency without technical expertise.
  • Sites Progress – tell a convincing and accurate story of the progress across your entire website
    • With Sites Progress, digital marketing teams can now understand and communicate the progress the teams are making, across all the sites, by consolidating data in a single, easy-to-understand view.