Acquia, a digital experience software vendor , today announced that its Monsido web optimization platform offers support for WCAG 2.2, the latest web content accessibility guidelines recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Using the Accessibility Module in Monsido, customers can automatically scan their websites, obtain an accessibility score, and receive actionable recommendations to help ensure the accessibility of their digital content for individuals with disabilities. 

WCAG 2.2 expands on WCAG 2.1 – which addressed accessibility issues for individuals with blindness, deafness, and mobility requirements – with new criteria to make the web more productive for those with low vision and cognitive disabilities, as well as those using tablets and other mobile devices. The Monsido platform addresses common accessibility issues against these latest guidelines, and enables errors to be filtered by the desired level of compliance (e.g. A, AA, or AAA) for easy prioritization. Comprehensive reports explain how to resolve issues, and the Accessibility Fast Track feature empowers teams to instantly fix repetitive errors across multiple pages. For additional support, teams can access the Accessibility Help Center, which breaks down the more technical WCAG 2.2 checks in plain language.