Altova announced the release of MobileTogether 8.1, its low-code app development platform for building enterprise solutions and native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. This release introduces full support for MQTT, allowing developers to build MQTT-enabled apps for communication among smart devices.

MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is a lightweight messaging protocol used for communication by smart devices. MQTT is a critical component of real-time monitoring and control of devices and processes in a wide variety of industries including automotive, manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare. MQTT enabled apps are invaluable for realizing the potential of smart devices in industrial automation as well as smart home and smart office scenarios.

MobileTogether 9.0 introduces complete support for building MQTT enabled apps with new actions, page events, and variables for interacting with an MQTT network as a publisher, a subscriber, or both. Also new in MobileTogether 9.0:

  • Support for table row dragging
  • Support for table row swiping
  • Native support for MySQL and MariaDB
  • Support for drawing barcodes and QR codes
  • Chart generation on clients
  • Page source tree editing during simulation
  • Dark and light themes for MobileTogether Designer
  • Solution aliases on the server
  • Support for multiple row groups per table
  • New button looks