Enterprise Search provider Sinequa announced it has expanded its partnership with Google Cloud by adding its generative AI capabilities to Sinequa’s supported integrations. By combining the conversational abilities of Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform with the factual knowledge provided by Sinequa’s intelligent search platform, businesses can use generative AI and gain insights from their enterprise content. 

Sinequa’s approach to generative AI is agnostic, ensuring compatibility with all major generative AI APIs. Sinequa support to Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform and its expanding library of large language models (LLMs) such as PaLM-2, enables Sinequa users to leverage Google Cloud’s generative AI technologies for Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) within their existing Sinequa ecosystem.

In combination with generative AI, Sinequa’s Neural Search uses the most relevant information across all your content to ground generative AI in the truth of your enterprise’s knowledge. With search and generative AI together, you can engage in dialogue with your information just as you would talk with a knowledgeable colleague, and without concerns present with generative AI alone, such as hallucinations or security. This means you can converse with your content: conduct research, ask questions, explore nuances, all with more accurate, relevant results.