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Day: October 4, 2023

Sitecore unveils XM Cloud Plus and Sitecore Accelerate  

Sitecore, a provider of digital experience software, announced new offerings as part of its cloud-based digital experience platform. The new solutions, XM Cloud Plus and Sitecore Accelerate, are designed to help brands simplify their move to the cloud. With the launch of XM Cloud Plus, an extended digital-experience solution that brings together content management, AI-powered search, personalization, customer data management and analytics. Features include:

  • Content Creation and Management: User-friendly tools that allow teams to efficiently produce, optimize, and deliver captivating content to the right audience at the right time.
  • AI-Powered Search and Content Recommendations: Includes dynamic personalization and targeting strategies, offering omnichannel personalization, intelligent search recommendations, and access to personalization development tools.
  • Omnichannel Content Center: Teams can now efficiently manage all digital customer touchpoints from a single, unified content repository.
  • Seamless Integrations and Connectivity: XM Cloud Plus can be easily implemented within an existing tech stack.
  • Form Builder: Our drag and drop form builder for XM Cloud and XM Cloud Plus, provides a way to add data capture forms to their pages and components.

Sitecore also launched Sitecore Accelerate, to guide Sitecore XM and Sitecore XP customers to either XM Cloud or XM Cloud Plus and XC customers to OrderCloud.

Contentful announces new products and capabilities

Contentful, a composable content platform, has incorporated a variety of generative AI-driven capabilities into the Contentful product and ecosystem and is introducing a number of capabilities that support better ways for digital teams to work together to harness the business value of content. Highlights include:

The Contentful Platform. Enhanced enterprise governance and security, including an expanded EU data residency footprint, can help address an organization’s data protection and compliance needs. The AI Content Type Generator, announced previously, streamlines the content model creation process so developers can accelerate time to market.

Contentful Studio. The new Experience Builder capability will provide a visual canvas whereby teams can create consistent, on-brand experiences using design system components and a structured content foundation. New AI enhancements include the AI Image Generator to create and manipulate images, and the improved AI Content Generator to quickly create content, translations, and SEO keywords.

The Contentful Ecosystem. New partnerships and enhanced integrations from AWS, Salesforce, SAP, Twilio Segment, commercetools, BigCommerce, Cloudinary, and WPP. Contentful AI advancements from ecosystem partners include the new AI Content Detector from Writer. SurferSEO delivers AI-driven SEO capabilities.

Gilbane Advisor 10-4-23 — GenAI and knowledge workers, entity resolution

This week we feature a paper by Fabrizio Dell’Acqua, Edward McFowland, Ethan Mollick, Hila Lifshitz-Assaf, Katherine C. Kellogg, Saran Rajendran, Lisa Krayer, François Candelon, & Karim R. Lakhani, and an article by Sixing Huang.

Additional reading comes from Doug Shapiro, Cassie Kozyrkov, Fabrice Canel, and Andrej Karpathy.

News comes from Acquia, Expert[.]ai, MongoDB, and Atlan

All previous issues are available at

Opinion / Analysis

Navigating the jagged technological frontier: field experimental evidence of the effects of AI on knowledge worker productivity and quality

There is lots of speculation and anecdotal evidence on the efficacy of generative AI. This working paper from HBS, with Wharton, Sloan, and BCG focuses on a “highly skilled knowledge workers” — in this case 758 Boston Consulting Group strategy consultants. Well worth the read. The link below is to the abstract, which has some top line findings, along with a link to the full paper.

The same, or not the same — that is the problem of entity resolution

To the uninitiated, entity resolution can sound straightforward, but alas, it is usually devilishly complex. Sixing Huang describes some challenges with examples in biomedical and customer data, and provides the methods he uses to deal with them. His approach will be helpful for other applications. (9 min)

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Content technology news

Acquia launches Acquia Exchange Integration Hub for Open DXP

One-stop source for martech and developer tools that extend Acquia’s open and composable digital experience platform (DXP).

Expert[.]ai launches Enterprise Language Model for Insurance (ELMI)

ELMI offers insurers a flexible language model built specifically to accelerate core processes from underwriting to claims.

MongoDB announces new Atlas Vector Search capabilities

Integration with Confluent Cloud and MongoDB Atlas Vector Search allows developers access to real-time data streams from a variety of sources.

Atlan launches Tag Management, enabling bi-directional tag sync

Data teams can use Atlan as the control plane so data assets tagged in Atlan are tagged and protected across everywhere in the data ecosystem.

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