Xyleme, a provider of enterprise Component Content Management Systems (CCMS), announced the launch of Elevate, the newest module in their platform. The new product will add dashboard analytics, APIs, and rich integration capabilities to the existing CCMS, providing users with advanced functionality to enhance their learning and development programs.

Elevate is designed to provide users with a more streamlined and efficient platform-wide user experience, making it easier to access and manage key platform capabilities. The dashboarding features provide users with a customizable interface that displays key metrics and insights, allowing for better decision making and management of learning content. The enhanced API capabilities allow for integration with other systems, such as HR and talent management platforms, providing a more comprehensive and connected experience. Elevate will also provide a hub for innovation, with a labs area designed to showcase emerging content intelligence features and integrations. Xyleme Elevate is available now, and the base edition is included with every platform instance.