CrafterCMS, a headless CMS for composing digital experiences, today announced that its Marketplace now includes over 60 open source plugins, blueprints, and packaged business capabilities (PBCs). The new and expanded CrafterCMS Marketplace provides a key component that delivers on the promise of what some industry analysts are now calling digital experience composition (DXC), enabling business users and content teams to easily compose digital experiences using no-code tools and pre-built, best-of-stack integrations and plugins.

CrafterCMS provides leading enterprises with a modern headless CMS for digital experience composition. A visual content authoring experience combined with a marketplace of reusable PBCs allows content creators to compose engaging digital experiences for all types of digital channels. CrafterCMS provides a Git-based content repository and support for DevContentOps processes that enable frictionless collaboration between content authors, software developers and IT operations teams, to enable productivity improvements.