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This week we feature articles by Kurt Cagle and Jacob Andreas.

Additional reading from Rand Fishkin, Vitalik Buterin, and Dan McCreary.

News comes from Acquia, Sinequa, Xpublisher, Drupal, and the European Broadcasting Union.

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Opinion / Analysis

What is a Semantic File System?

The Semantic File System, or SFS, is a powerful potential application for knowledge graphs that moves beyond the base triple store space and instead points to what could be a truly distributed file system across any number of different kinds of servers.

Kurt Cagle makes an excellent case for transitioning to a semantic file system, eventually. He points to Inrupt’s Solid Project as an experimental implementation. Solid was announced two years ago with little news since (see recent activity at https://forum.solidproject.org). But read Cagle’s article first to stay ahead of your peers on this topic. (6 min).


Language models as agent models

It is not easy to reconcile the actual limitations of machine learning with some of the impressive results of applications based on large language models, resulting in much debate about their ultimate utility.

Jacob Andreas argues that big language models can, at least in some very narrow situations, “model agency and communicative intent”, without being “in any general sense human-like”. His research and explanation make for a good case. The paper is clear, accessible, and an important read for anyone following language model debates. (28 min).


More Reading

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Content technology news

Acquia enhances customer data platform

Acquia CDP includes a unified data layer using Snowflake, direct SQL access, and integration with Acquia’s digital asset management system.

Sinequa updates search cloud platform

Sinequa’s Neural Search benefits from four trained deep neural networks for improved relevance, ease of deployment, and tuning capabilities.

Drupal launches Drupal 10

Drupal 10 includes features for developers and content creators. A stronger developer and site builder and easier content authoring and editing.

Xpublisher announces SaaS architecture

Beginning January 1, 2023, Xpublisher will be available in a high-security cloud environment and feature a new design, enhanced functionality.

European Broadcasting Union announces EBUCorePlus

EBUCorePlus is specified using the ontology web language is strictly semantic. A free CorePlus Demonstrator Kit (CDK) helps with development skills.

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