The fourth post from Girish Altekar on Intrepid technology and applications*. The introductory post is here and all our re-published intrepid posts are here.

In previous posts, we introduced 2 applications, resume and travel, to introduce the process, and to demonstrate how data ownership using a structured format enables rapid reuse. Here are some more uses (split over 2 posts). Let us know if you can think of other uses.

Login – Admittedly not the most compelling of Intrepid applications.  There are many browser or non-browser-based solutions, including recently announced Fido based password-less login by Apple. Nevertheless, the use of a login Intrepid is quick and enables multifactor authentication including biometrics in the same easy private process.

Personal Contact – Your personal name, address, phone, email data.

Business Card – Your Intrepid Business card. You may need these when you are filling out a loan application, for instance, and are required to provide this information in ten different forms.

Credit Card – Yes, many browsers scrape this information and there are e-wallets that attempt to store all your cards but creating Credit Card Intrepids for your multiple payment methods enable clear, unambiguous, and rapid use of credit cards without the necessity to hand this data to an intermediary. Credit Card Intrepids also enable rapid update of autopay data should an existing card be compromised and replaced.

Bank Account – If you wish to avoid the 3-4% surcharge on credit card payments, you may use your Bank Account Intrepid for direct bank account payments. Other payment mechanisms haven’t been created yet, but the same process can apply to any online payment system, including crypto.

Over time we will create many more vocabularies to describe more facets of our lives and the data associated with them. When Intrepids are accepted by applications, the transaction time, and the effort to complete your daily tasks will be vastly minimized. 

We are interested in your feedback.

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Summing it up And Current Status

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*Disclosure: I am an advisor to the Intrepid team.