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This week we feature articles from Tony Baer, and the CB Insights team.

Additional reading comes from Loraine Lawson, James Vincent, Zhengpeng Li, Jiansheng Wu, Jiawei Miao & Xinmiao Yu, and Anil Tilbe.

News comes from Access Innovations, IBM, Squarespace, and Botminds.

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Opinion / Analysis

Data chess game: Databricks vs. Snowflake

Tony Baer argues that MongoDB, Snowflake and Databricks are the hottest companies in position to own the enterprise cloud data platform market. In this post he focuses on the competition between Databricks and Snowflake in a useful comparison. In a follow-up post, not live yet as I write this, he will consider what more Databricks, MongoDB and Snowflake need to do to appeal to the broader enterprise. (6 min)


Analyzing Apple’s growth strategy

From digital health to AI, we look at where Apple is acquiring, investing, and partnering. Discover the Apple strategy map.

The CB Insights team does such a great job of content marketing that I’ve been following them for years without becoming a client. I mean this as a compliment — they are smart, funny, generous with free research, and have grown quickly as a result. Oh, and they don’t pay me either. (6 min)


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Content technology news

Data Harmony suite Recommender released

To improve article and content searches with semantic fingerprinting; automatically displays items with the same semantic fingerprint nearby.

The release of Deep Search for Scientific Discovery (DS4SD), is an open-source toolkit for scientific research and businesses.

Squarespace launches Fluid Engine

Their next generation website design system makes it possible for beginners or pros to achieve professional designs for mobile and websites.

Botminds Document AI now available in Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Botminds provides AI-powered solutions that read and understand documents, a search engine, document analytics, and document-based process automation.

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