DataStax announced the general availability of Astra Streaming, a managed messaging and event streaming service built on Apache Pulsar. Now featuring built-in API-level support for Kafka, RabbitMQ and Java Message Service (JMS), Astra Streaming makes it easier for enterprises to get real-time value from their data-in-motion. Capabilities include:

  • Mobilizes all data-in-motion An enterprise’s data-in-motion encompasses all data in platforms that provide streaming, queuing and pub/sub capabilities, Astra Streaming can address these use cases at the scale enterprises need.
  • Modernizes event-driven architectures: Seamlessly leverage existing messaging/pub sub apps and turn them into streaming apps with a drop-in replacement; easily modernize Kafka applications with zero rewrites
  • Runs across an entire IT estate: multi-cloud + on prem: Supports a unified event fabric that stretches across an enterprise’s data-in-motion spread across their entire data estate: on premises, in the cloud and at the edge.
  • Powers a real-time data ecosystem: Through a wide range of connectors, Astra Streaming is connected to an enterprise’s data ecosystem, enabling real-time data to flow instantly from data sources and applications to streaming analytics and machine learning systems. It’s also integrated with Astra DB, powering its CDC capabilities.