This week we feature a paper by Michael E. Deagen, Jamie P. McCusker, Tolulomo Fateye, Samuel Stouffer, L. Cate Brinson, Deborah L. McGuinness & Linda S. Schadler, and an article by Adam Argyle.

Additional reading comes from Maria Stasimioti, Jon Udell, and Colin Morris.

News comes from Stardog, Algolia, MariaDB & MindsDB, and Access Innovations & SiteFusion.

Opinion / Analysis

FAIR and interactive data graphics from a scientific knowledge graph

Very interesting paper. H/T: @storyneedle (22 min)

Graph databases capture richly linked domain knowledge by integrating heterogeneous data and metadata into a unified representation. Here, we present the use of bespoke, interactive data graphics (bar charts, scatter plots, etc.) for visual exploration of a knowledge graph. By modeling a chart as a set of metadata that describes semantic context (SPARQL query) separately from visual context (Vega-Lite specification), we leverage the high-level, declarative nature of the SPARQL and Vega-Lite grammars to concisely specify web-based, interactive data graphics synchronized to a knowledge graph.

State of CSS 2022

Browser developers have been working together to reduce incompatibilities that drive web developers, as well as marketers, crazy. Adam Argyle reports on progress made and what is coming. His article is a text version of his presentation at Google IO 2022, which you can also watch. A good resource. (29 min – but handy TOC links to each feature).

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Content technology news

Stardog updates enterprise knowledge graph platform

Stardog 8.0’s new capabilities eliminate the need for specialized skills when querying a reusable, flexible semantic data layer.

Access Innovations and SiteFusion ProConsult to deliver content management solutions

SiteFusion’s content management system for publishers will leverage the taxonomy management and semantic metadata enrichment capabilities of Data Harmony.

Algolia launches additional AI models in Algolia Recommend

Coupled with Algolia’s indexing capabilities, customers are able to immediately put relevant and up to date content into motion for end-users.

MariaDB and MindsDB collaborate on machine learning

Collaboration focus to make in-database machine learning predictions more accessible to all business users with MariaDB SkySQL.

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