This week we feature articles from Pete Warden, and Kovid Rathee.

Additional reading comes from Ng Wai Foong, Sean Hollister, Rand Fishkin, and Kevin Indig.

News comes from Franz, Finch Computing, Komprise, and MerlinOne.

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Opinion / Analysis

How should you protect your machine learning models and IP?

Pete Warden gets a lot of questions about this “usually… from executives, and digging deeper it became clear they were most worried about competitors gaining an advantage from what we released.”. It’s a good question and Warden provides good advice on what to do, and explains why it may be less of a problem than you think. (5 min)

The landscape of time series databases

The growth of time series databases is not what it was, but it’s mostly because other types of databases have been incorporating more support for time based data. Kovid Rathee provides a useful update. (7 min)

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Content technology news

Relationship extraction with co-reference added to Finch for Text

Relationship extraction allows users to decipher relationships between entities. Co-reference resolves words like “her”, “the leader” appearing in text.

Franz releases AllegroGraph 7.3

AllegroGraph 7.3 extends GraphQL to Knowledge Graph Developers and Enterprise Data Fabrics with enhanced GraphQL query capabilities.

Komprise automates unstructured data discovery with Smart Data Workflows

To discover relevant file and object data across cloud, edge and on-premises datacenters and feed data in native format to ML tools and data lakes.

MerlinOne brings visual search to video for digital asset management

Just by describing a scene. NOMAD for Video from MerlinOne searches your collection and takes you there with no additional effort required.

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