This week we feature articles from Doc Searls, and Thomas Claburn.

Additional reading is from Rustam Lalkaka, Philipp Schreiber, and Kate Moran.

News comes from Contentstack & Conscia, Yext, Bynder & GatherContent, Searchspring, and Bounteous & Acquia.

Opinion / Analysis

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla agree on something: Make web dev lives easier

Not to mention web users frustrated by having to switch from their regular browser (e.g. Safari) on certain sites to complete a transaction, or worse, those who don’t realize the browser is the problem and move on.

Browser makers Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla, along with software consultancies Bocoup and Igalia, have agreed to work together to make web design technologies perform in a more consistent way across different platforms.

The benchmark they are using, Interop 2022, details some of the progress they are making. This is excellent news, but…

Beyond the Web

A more existential problem for the web, as Doc Searls describes in this post, is its client-server architecture — “So it’s time to think and build outside the Web’s ranchland. Models for that do exist, and some have been around a long time.”. The event mentioned in the post with Ethan Zuckerman was yesterday, but the Salon Series at the Ostrom Workshop discussing this is posting links to archives of the conversations.

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Content technology news

Contentstack partners with Conscia

Contentstack with Conscia will bring headless personalization to their existing and prospective Content Experience Platform (CXP) customers.

Yext launches program to bring AI search to startups

Accepted startups get tech to create a knowledge graph, integrate search into their own web experiences, or build SEO-friendly landing pages.

Digital asset management platform Bynder acquires GatherContent

To manage the content creation lifecycle, from visual production, through text creation into structured content for multichannel delivery.

Searchspring accelerator for commerce entrepreneurs and MWBEs

Searchspring will provide search, merchandising, and personalization access for ecommerce entrepreneurs, and a process for supporting MWBEs.

Bounteous announces Customer Data Platform offering with Acquia

To help marketing organizations deliver more relevant customer experiences by leveraging customer data and machine learning from the start.

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