Franz Inc., supplier of graph database technology for entity-event knowledge graph solutions, announced Gruff 8.1, a knowledge graph visualization software tool that can be embedded in any web page or web application. Users can now visually build queries and visualize connections between enterprise data directly within a web page or web application, enabling a simple and seamless knowledge discovery experience.

Gruff, available as a browser-based application or pre-integrated into AllegroGraph, is a no-code visual query application that enables users to create visual Knowledge Graphs that display data relationships in views driven by the user. Gruff’s visual query builder empowers both novice and expert users to create simple to complex queries without writing code. The ‘Time Machine’ function within Gruff gives users the capability to explore temporal context and connections within data. Visualizations can be customized to fit a specific user experience, data relationships, or business requirements.

Special dialogs appear in Gruff 8.1 when saving or loading a SPARQL query, graphical query, or layout. The dialog shows descriptive information about each file and allows the user to filter the list of choices in various ways to make it easier to locate the desired file.