This week we feature articles from Ryan Dawson and Tim Bray.

Additional reading is from TheSequence, Kai-Fu Lee, NLPlanet, and Sandeep Uttamchandani.

News comes from Franz, Webscale, Box & Slack, and Access Innovations.

Opinion / Analysis

How do you evaluate MLOps platforms?

Companies that pioneered application of AI at scale did so using in-house ML platforms (facebook, uber, LinkedIn etc.). These capabilities are now available in off-the-shelf products. The rush to MLOps has led to too much choice. There are hundreds of tools and at least 40 platforms available…

Ryan Dawson wants to help. He starts with this high-level view, but is then kind enough to point to a detailed open source MLOps platforms comparison matrix.

Lock-in and multi-cloud

Multi-cloud is a tricky thing, and causes serious stress in various parts of organizations. We’ve covered this before, including here, here, and here. This week Tim Bray digs in to the trade-offs and delivers additional and useful thoughts to help inform your decisions.

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Content technology news

Access Innovations launches Data Harmony Hub for automated content classification and semantic metadata enrichment

A cloud-based platform that provides automated content tagging using expertly curated taxonomies. Users can select from existing taxonomies.

Webscale launches CloudEDGE PWA

CloudEDGE PWA supports frontend delivery for including Adobe/Magento, Shopify, Hybris, Salesforce Commerce Cloud or BigCommerce backends.

Franz’s Gruff 8.1 brings visual knowledge graphs to web applications

Users can now visually build queries and visualize connections between enterprise data directly within a web page or web application.

Box updates Slack integration

The Box for Slack integration that enables customers to use Box as the single file storage system in the Slack environment.

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