This week we have content from Moxie Marlinspike, Bart de Langhe & Stefano Puntoni, and Benedict Evans. News comes from Cloudinary and Indivio, Upland Software and Objectif Lune, and Datadog and AWS.

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My first impressions of web3

Signal founder and crypto sceptic Moxie Marlinspike published an excellent weekend post that is the latest must-read on Web3, and decentralization in particular. It quickly went viral and has prompted necessary discussion. The list of useful reactions is way too long to list here, but the best place to start is the response from Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin.

Tech questions for 2022

Sometimes the centre of gravity in tech is very clear, but as we enter 2022 there are lots of areas where trillion dollar questions are wide open. These are the questions I wonder about today…

Benedict Evans. Useful questions as always, and not just about Web3.

Does personalized advertising work as well as tech companies claim?

Many Big Tech companies have created platforms that offer businesses tips and tools and services to better target their customers online. These can be helpful — but anybody relying on them needs to be very careful. That’s because many of these companies’ claims about how to measure advertising effectiveness are wrong.

Meta, Google, Twitter, and causal confusion.

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Content technology news

Cloudinary acquires Indivio

Cloudinary with Indivio’s offering help marketing teams scale the volume and frequency of on-brand creative content without overburdening creative teams.

Upland Software acquires Objectif Lune

Adds to its document workflow products large-volume print production as well as automated delivery across web, email, and mobile platforms.

Datadog announces strategic partnership with AWS

Datadog provides visibility into into AWS-hosted, on-premises, and hybrid environments during cloud migration.

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