This week we have articles from Viet Nguyen, and Eric Benjamin Seufert. News comes from Marklogic and Smartlogic, Jina AI, Meltwater and DeepReason.AI, and Strapi.

Opinion / Analysis

Blockchain explained in 50 lines of code

Don’t skip over this article if you’re not a programmer, or because you already understand how blockchains work. Software developer Viet Nguyen delivers on the title with a delightfully clear and simple explanation in both English and JavaScript. If you already understand blockchains, you may pick up some pointers for explaining it to others.

The perilous mythology of brand marketing for digital products

…the misconception that Brand marketing sits in opposition to Performance marketing creates misalignment and confusion that can result in a Brand function that exists in parallel to a Performance marketing team. Optimally, the Brand function should sit within the Performance Marketing team and be guided by a unified measurement model.

Eric Benjamin Seufert provides a helpful framework for pulling together competing marketing strategies and tactics.

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Content technology news

MarkLogic acquires metadata management provider Smartlogic

Smartlogic has deciphered, filtered, and connected data for global organizations to help solve their complex data problems.

Strapi CMS v4 released

The open-source “headless” content management system CMS update enhances overall performance, introduces new query engine and plug-in APIs.

Meltwater acquires

To help build one of the largest knowledge graphs of public information. The technology represents 75 years of aggregate research in Graph Reasoning.

Jina AI raises $30 million to scale open-source neural search ecosystem

Jina AI’s core project, built in the open on GitHub, users can quickly create a cloud-native neural search solution with deep learning.

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