Conscia, a content intelligence platform, announced a partnership with Contentful, a content platform for digital-first business, coinciding with the launch of the Unify app. Purpose-built for new and existing Contentful customers, the Unify application joins together content from multiple Contentful spaces and other applications, and provides a unified API response for front-ends to enable a composable architecture for all digital channels.

Unify, powered by Conscia, sits on top of Contentful’s multi-space architecture and provides a no code way to assemble localized and personalized experiences for all channels to accelerate the digital supply chain. Unify’s ability to federate content, from legacy and siloed enterprise applications into Contentful’s global delivery infrastructure, capitalizes on Contentful’s ability to deliver content globally to all digital channels, such as web, mobile, voice, chatbots, call center and more. Many organizations currently undertaking the challenge of orchestrating content do so using custom GraphQL back-ends, application integration platforms and other home-grown architectures. Unify eliminates the need to build bespoke architectures to solve the challenge of digital experience orchestration.