Dataiku, an Enterprise AI platform, announced the launch of Dataiku Online, which makes their AI and machine learning platform available as an online service for smaller, more agile organizations. Dataiku Online provides everything a company needs to build analytics projects, with data preparation, data visualization, AutoML, reporting, and dashboards all in one place. It has all of the key capabilities as Dataiku’s flagship product, with a few configuration and design tweaks to match its managed usage, and without the IT resources required to manage an enterprise-scale deployment. The interface enables collaboration across a broad range of business and data team users, and teams can start within minutes, connect to their data sources, and start deploying projects in days, at a price point that makes sense for their current stage of growth.

With Dataiku Online, businesses can take advantage of cloud data stack and data storage tools from Snowflake, Google Big Query, Amazon Redshift. There is a pre-integrated version of Dataiku Online available through the Snowflake Marketplace.

Dataiku is also launching an offering for specifically for startups. Seed-stage companies, and startups founded less than five years ago or with less than $10M in funding can be eligible for discounted pricing specific to their current stage of growth.