Netlify, a cloud for collaborative web development, has acquired FeaturePeek, a startup that enables developer teams to preview frontend content. Netlify has added FeaturePeek’s developer collaboration product as a core capability in the next generation of Netlify Deploy Previews.  Available today, Deploy Previews make it easy for developers to gather feedback with their web teams, including internal and external business stakeholders, product managers, designers and marketers. Teams share URLs to review a preview of the website or web application and can leave contextual feedback directly on a UI that overlays the site. All feedback is synced in the pull request or productivity tool of choice. Deploy Previews offer:

  • Live automated previews: Netlify automatically builds a new Deploy Preview as a unique permanent URL for each pull/merge, posted as a commit status. 
  • A floating UI that overlays the deploy: Without leaving the browser, reviewers can make comments, take and annotate screenshots, record videos and reply to teammates asynchronously on web projects.  
  • Feedback automatically synced to the Git repo host
  • Integration with productivity tools: Progress can be synced to tools like, GitHub, Linear and Trello. 
  • Testing and troubleshooting on different devices: Netlify records browser metadata for every review so engineers can reproduce bugs.