Lumina Datamatics Inc. (LDI), a provider of content, technology, and learning analytics solutions, and Gutenberg Technology (GT), provider of a content management and distribution platform for education and training organizations, announced the formation of a new strategic partnership. Lumina Datamatics will integrate its rights and permissions and other platforms including ARTY, freelancer management with the GT platform and will license the new solution to further streamline content production for their portfolio of clients. In turn, GT’s customers will benefit from Lumina Datamatics services, such as transforming legacy content into digital-first courseware and support for production processes that cannot be fully automated.

Content publishers in both K-12 and Higher Education are adopting a digital-first model to meet their customers’ needs in real time. Together LDI and GT bring a new, effective way to manage knowledge and shape the future of content operations. In addition to the education content market, both organizations collaborate with universities, colleges, and corporations to enrich content and streamline program launch processes. This collaboration will be rolled out to existing and new clients. ▪︎