Crownpeak, a digital experience platform, and ilumino, a digital accessibility services and consulting firm, announced a strategic partnership to enable enterprises to accelerate digital accessibility goals, and simplify the formation and execution of digital governance programs.

The “Crownpeak + ilumino” solution combines Crownpeak’s automated accessibility scanning technology with ilumino’s subject matter expertise in online accessibility and usability. Enterprises looking to deliver consistent digital experiences across complex global infrastructures can ensure those experiences are inclusive and accessible to all users, across all digital touchpoints, including the web, mobile apps and software. The integrated solution combines Crownpeak’s Digital Quality Management (DQM) technology, providing automated and ongoing scanning and auditing against WCAG guidelines, with ilumino’s expert services. Features include:

  • Accessibility and compliance dashboard – providing a “single-source of truth” for automated and manual accessibility monitoring
  • Automated site scanning (enriched by manual testing) – using enterprise-grade, multi-site scanning technology
  • Manual testing and consulting – performed by certified accessibility experts
  • In-house or guided remediation – tailored to each organization’s unique design and development workflows
  • Accessibility pattern library – simplifying the remediation process and establishing long-term organizational assets
  • Litigation support – with expert review and consulting on any accessibility-related legal actions received
  • Accessibility statement – drafted to demonstrate an organization’s commitment to digital inclusion
  • Enterprise strategy – assisting with a prioritized roadmap and risk management ▪︎