Netlify announced early access for Netlify Edge Handlers, enabling fast, personalized content in websites and web apps by executing custom code at the network edge. Edge Handlers bring edge compute into a single git-based Jamstack workflow, streamlining Continuous Delivery between frontend developers and DevOps and improving time to market. Now, with Edge Handlers, developers write simple JavaScript that builds and deploys to the network edge using Netlify, bringing together multiple complex work streams into a single workflow tied to a common git repository.

Developers can use Netlify‘s platform to operate edge logic from preview to production, including build automation through git, atomic deploys to Netlify‘s multi-cloud edge network, site previews and instant rollbacks. Content and traffic are adjusted locally, without a roundtrip to an origin server.

  • Frontend workflow: Frontend developers use their favorite tools in the Netlify platform to build, preview and deploy, while maintaining full control over how their content is served to the end user.
  • Simplified customization at the edge: The Edge Handlers API can fetch, cache and update content, allowing developers to deliver a personalized, better web experience for visitors with minimal development work.
  • Monitor and log activity: Detailed logs for Edge Handlers can be managed and viewed from within the Netlify UI, making it easy to track usage and resolve issues quickly.
  • Validate and test locally: Coming soon, Edge Handlers can be created on a local machine or with Netlify developer tools, used with any frontend framework to proxy requests and test before shipping.

Netlify Edge Handlers are in Early Access and available on request.