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Day: October 1, 2020

SAP to acquire Emarsys

SAP SE announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire Emarsys, an omnichannel customer engagement platform provider. Emarsys enables businesses to engage more effectively and more personally with their customers. Enhancing the SAP Customer Experience portfolio with Emarsys will change how commerce is managed digitally as it will deliver hyperpersonalized, omnichannel engagements in real time, helping organizations make every engagement is relevant and impactful. Emarsys is an easy-to-use integrated cloud-based marketing platform. It allows companies to deliver personal customer interactions across e-mail, mobile, social, SMS, and the web. The company’s operations will become part of the SAP Customer Experience business unit. The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2020, subject to regulatory approval. Purchase price and other terms of the transaction are have not been disclosed.,

Exasol and Pyramid Analytics partner

Exasol, the high-performance analytics database, announced a new strategic partnership with Pyramid Analytics, provider of an analytics platform for the enterprise. Together, Exasol and Pyramid will bring an enhanced analytics experience to their customers, allowing business users and IT teams to become more agile and make the most of their data. Both technologies can be deployed together anywhere—on-premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid architectures. Joint customers will be able to execute complex business calculations quickly and at scale, regardless of data volumes, environment of choice, or number of users.

Pyramid’s calculation engine works natively on Exasol via a direct connection, so no data is ever extracted or duplicated. This offers security and performance advantages, while simultaneously enabling governed self-service analytics through Pyramid’s business user friendly interface. In addition, Pyramid allows business analysts to easily load external data sets into Exasol where they can be combined with existing Exasol tables to fuel machine learning models.,

SmartBear announces integration of ReadyAPI and SwaggerHub

SmartBear, provider of software development and quality tools, has integrated its API quality platform, ReadyAPI, with SwaggerHub, its API design and documentation platform. ReadyAPI users are now able to setup and manage a connection in their SwaggerHub account within ReadyAPI, search and filter through definitions in SwaggerHub, and more. Together, ReadyAPI and SwaggerHub provide the a comprehensive API tooling for all stages of the API lifecycle to help ensure high quality software. The integration streamlines the process of logging in to SwaggerHub from ReadyAPI as well as storing information for re-use when performing actions against SwaggerHub.

To highlight the interconnectedness of SmartBear API solutions, the three modules of the ReadyAPI platform have been renamed under the ReadyAPI brand. SoapUI Pro, the API testing tool, is now ReadyAPI Test, reflecting that ReadyAPI supports RESTful, GraphQL, and other API standards in addition to SOAP. LoadUI Pro, the way to API load test, is now ReadyAPI Performance. ServiceV Pro, which allows anyone in the delivery pipeline to create mocking and service virtualization, is now ReadyAPI Virtualization. The name SoapUI, the open source solution that SmartBear supports, will remain unchanged. The consolidation under the ReadyAPI brand ensures these three API tools are delivered in one centralized, intuitive platform. From planning and designing APIs to developing, testing and deploying, Agile and DevOps teams can ensure ReadyAPI and SwaggerHub are meeting their needs when building APIs.

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