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Day: September 16, 2020

Enview unveils Enview Explore 3D AI web application

Enview, a specialist in the scalable processing of 3D geospatial data, announced the launch of Enview Explore, a web application that leverages AI and cloud computing to automatically process 3D data at speed and scale. Enview’s unique method for classifying 3D data using neural networks and deep learning techniques reduces time to action by focusing on finding meaningful insights in 3D data. Previously offered as custom services for organizations the technology is now available for the first time as an easy-to-use, self-service web application.

Three-dimensional unstructured data, such as LiDAR, contains incredible detail but is painfully slow to analyze manually. Enview solves this problem by combining its AI with cloud computing to automate 3D classification and segmentation significantly faster, with scalability that can support even nation-sized datasets. Enview Explore removes the need for outsourcing LiDAR to a third party by giving users the ability to perform classification, segmentation, terrain modeling, change detection, feature extraction, and intuitive visualization directly inside the application. Enview Explore is generally available today. Pricing is based on the amount of data processed and not limited by the number of users.

Box introduces annotations for iPad, deeper integrations with Microsoft Teams, other enhancements

Provider of cloud content management, Box, Inc., announced new capabilities to help organizations support secure collaboration. These announcements, which will be featured tomorrow at BoxWorks Digital, will help customers bring content and business processes together in a single platform — reducing risk, improving collaboration, and making it easier to work securely from anywhere, on any device or application. Box will introduce:

Annotations for iPad and Mobile:
Just like on the web, users can simply select text, an image, or highlight anywhere and leave a comment on the preview of a document, and Box will automatically create and send a push notification to collaborators. Support for Apple Pencil, provides the ability to leave free-form mark-ups and text comments directly on files in Box from iPad. Handwritten notes can automatically be converted to typed text with Apple Scribble so they can be added to documents or text boxes.

Enhancements to Box Relay:
Custom-built templates that customers can create, publish, and manage themselves, making it easier to roll-out and standardize teams on common processes while incorporating workflow best practices. New API extensibility that enables customers to create cross-system business processes by connecting their workflows within Box to third party applications like Salesforce or ServiceNow, as well as custom applications.

Enhancements to Box for Microsoft Teams:
Users can choose a Box folder to be synced automatically with a Microsoft Teams chat; Instantly grant access to Box files from within Teams; Receive Box notifications related to content activity directly within Teams; and use a redesigned app gallery.

Box Shield:
Box will announce a new policy exception capability for Box Shield, which must be opted-into at the corporate level, allows employees to make policy exceptions by providing business justification, which is then recorded for auditing purposes.

Box will announce that it will add FedRamp High certification and expand its GxP validation offering for federal and life sciences customers respectively.

Voodle launches desktop & mobile app for virtual worker collaboration

Voodle released the Voodle asynchronous short video app for business, built to help teams overcome the challenges of the new workplace by transforming the way information is shared and discovered across an organization now includes a free stand-alone web application and includes support for both iOS and Android, allowing colleagues to easily record and share important moments from anywhere they work. With the click of a mouse or tap of the finger, short videos can be recorded and shared with coworkers across the Voodle platform – or to other business applications, like Slack, Salesforce and Hubspot. Recording from a webcam is as straightforward and simple as using the app. Create a Voodle from any page in the web app, add a description including hashtags for easy search and discoverability, and post it to a channel for the team to watch. To get started using Voodle. Download the Voodle app on a phone or desktop, create a team – and then make and share voodles with colleagues, teams, or your entire organization.

CEVA and partner on multilingual speech understanding solutions for edge devices

CEVA, Inc., licensor of wireless connectivity and smart sensing technologies, and, a provider of on-device, small footprint and multilingual speech understanding solutions, announced that the companies have partnered to offer ultra-low power speech-to-intent solutions for intelligent edge devices.’s suite of speech-to-intent technologies has been ported and optimized for CEVA’s low power audio and sensor hub DSPs, providing a high performance solution for OEMs and ODMs looking to integrate intelligent voice activation and control into their wearables, consumer devices and IoT products. provides embedded, noise robust and multilingual speech understanding solutions capable of running offline on small footprint and low power devices. technology can support any language and accent, enabling users to speak to their devices in their native language, naturally, and without sacrificing their privacy. CEVA’s audio and sensor hub DSPs, including the CEVA-X2, CEVA-BX1, CEVA-BX2 and SensPro family, enable the full suite of speech-to-intent technologies to run in always-on mode.,

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