MerlinOne, provider of digital asset management (DAM) solutions, announced the release of Merlin Reporting, expanding its ad-hoc reporting dashboard to help customers achieve DAM success. With Merlin Reporting, teams can now build their own custom reports or choose from a set of pre-built reports which measure content, system and user metrics to get the most out of their DAM. Reporting is a tool to help ensure adoption of the DAM, understand how your users are using your content, guide you in making the DAM more engaging, and optimize the economics of your content sources. Users will not be overwhelmed by the endless lists of cryptic fields because Merlin Reporting groups fields into useful and intuitive categories to make the building of reports easier, and provides immediate results that can be easily refined and dynamically generates meaningful charts and graphs to help stakeholders visualize the data more comprehensively. Merlin Reporting will be available in September to all MerlinX customers.