Cloudera announced the general availability of Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud (CDP Private Cloud). CDP Private Cloud extends cloud-native speed, simplicity, and economics for the connected data lifecycle to the data center. Operating CDP Private Cloud is simple for IT, with container-based management tools that reduce the time to deliver analytics and machine learning. Container-based analytics and machine learning help reduce data center costs by increasing server utilization and reducing storage and data center overhead. With CDP Private Cloud, IT can now meet the exponential demand for data analytics and machine learning services, with a petabyte-scale hybrid data architecture that can flex to use private and public clouds. CDP Private Cloud runs the same analytic experiences in the data center that are used in CDP Public Cloud on AWS and Azure.

CDP Private Cloud is available in Base and Plus editions. The Base edition includes SDX, storage management and traditional bare metal data lifecycle analytics. It is equivalent to CDP Data Center, which it replaces. It is the foundation of CDP Private Cloud. The Plus edition includes Base and adds container-based analytic experiences for Data Warehousing and Machine Learning, and container-based management and control plane services. CDP Private Cloud Plus pricing is based on compute and storage and is available as an annual subscription. An annual subscription of the Plus edition is $400 per compute unit (one physical core and 8 GB RAM) and $25 per TB of addressed storage.