Zype announced its availability on Google Cloud Marketplace. Google Cloud customers now have access to Zype’s OTT Video Platform of integrated products for building enterprise and media & entertainment ecosystems; products include Video CMS, Video CRM, Encoding, Playout, Content Delivery, and Video Connectors.  Google Cloud customers can now:

  • Engage Zype Connectors to build marketplace-ready OTT apps across all major platforms
  • Access Zype Playout to program, schedule, and deliver VOD to Live Linear HLS or RTMP to vMVPD and FAST platforms
  • Configure Zype CRM to manage flexible monetization models across video marketplaces, with support for SVOD, TVOD, and AVOD
  • Leverage analytics dashboards for insight across revenue and engagement

Organizations that want to try Zype can take advantage of the On Demand Plan that enables users to deploy on-demand transcoding with no commitment.