Neofonie announced that TXTWerk – Text mining for SAP solutions, a framework application is now available for trial and online purchase on SAP App Center, the digital marketplace for SAP partner offerings. TXTWerk is delivered online as a subscription service and integrates with SAP and third-party software through the API management capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite. TXTWerk enables the extraction of metadata from texts, providing structured data from unstructured texts. By applying machine learning techniques in combination with rule-based approaches, TXTWerk can read and understand texts quickly. Whether 1,000 or 10 billion documents need to be processed, TXTWerk recognizes the most important keywords, people, places, organizations, events and key concepts and links them to sources such as knowledge graphs or internal company data. Also, part of the framework are artificial intelligence (AI) processes for classification in classes defined by the customer, a sentiment analysis of texts, phrase and role recognition as well as the automatic linking of entities according to specially defined relations. In addition to the AI processes, TXTWerk comes with a knowledge graph with over seven million entries.,