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Day: July 29, 2020

Coveo and commercetools partner

Coveo announced that its cloud-native platform will be available in the commercetools Integration Marketplace to help provide personalized experiences for search and merchandising needs. Coveo provides the intelligence layer that enables organizations to deliver modern Ecommerce search, product recommendations, and personalization with relevant content. commercetools’ headless, API-first, multi-tenant SaaS commerce platform is cloud-native and uses microservices. The combination of the Coveo Experience Intelligence Platform and commercetools shopping features leverages modern API and microservices architectures to deliver relevant, contextual experiences powered by data that meet the expectations of modern Ecommerce buyers. Search re-orders products based on real-time customer data, delivers relevant content and integrates with any source of customer data.,

Contentful releases free plan for digital experience builders

Contentful announced a new Community Plan that provides those who build digital experiences with free access to Contentful’s content platform. Contentful’s community gain new technology capabilities, training and resources to build and launch digital experiences across all channels, including websites, mobile apps, wearable devices and digital displays. COVID-19 forced businesses to pivot their primary means of customer engagement to digital channels. Contentful is helping digital builders and businesses get started quickly by removing the friction of a software trial with a “free forever” plan and expanded educational resources. Builders can immediately start using the platform with free training, free certification and free use of Contentful’s tools forever — no 14 day trial or credit card needed.

Contentful is also making it easier for businesses to upgrade as they grow with a streamlined self-service Team plan and expanded Enterprise options. These offerings will make it easier for businesses to scale as they deliver content-driven digital experiences across more advanced use cases. Teams and small businesses can accelerate development on a self-service plan that enables them to start building for free and then upgrade based on their project needs with just a credit card. This offering includes expanded authoring roles and locales to support basic publishing workflows.

Unscrambl integrates with Microsoft Teams to let users converse with enterprise data

Unscrambl’s conversational analytics software ‘qbo insights’ is now available as qbo app for Microsoft Teams. qbo, by enabling natural language access to your data, makes facts and insights take center stage in workspace collaborations. With this addition Teams users can make fact-based decisions simply by conversing with their data. Unscrambl’s qbo leverages Teams’ capabilities for an interactive and collaborative data exploration experience. A business user would start by asking a question in natural language, as one would ask a human data analyst. The response is an interactive visualization of the requested data, often with a brief explanation, and suggestions about follow-up questions. Users can converse with qbo one-on-one or collaboratively as a team, view charts, refine, drill-down, create boards and even present their findings without having to leave the Teams platform.

Agility CMS and Gatsby team up

Agility CMS is a content management system that allows marketing teams to create and manage content across their digital properties. Agility CMS provides tools that close the gap between monolithic traditional CMS platforms and pure developer-centric CMS tools that provides creative freedom for web developers while presenting familiar authoring tools to editors and content creators. Gatsby is a static site generator that allows users to create a static, HTML-based website that doesn’t rely on databases or external data sources at runtime, avoiding server-side processing when accessing your website. Static websites can be a hassle for content editors who have to regularly interact with the website codebase to make updates to content. That is where Agility CMS steps in: by providing a headless content management system for managing the content behind Gatsby in your static websites. Agility CMS provides native support for Gatsby and with Agility’s built-in Page Management, the plugin can automatically generate web pages based on a page tree defined in the CMS. This means editors can create their own pages, add and remove content on each page, and move things around on the sitemap without requiring assistance from a developer.

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