Alfresco Software announced the availability of Alfresco Claims Management as a Service offering, which enables insurance companies to access content faster and modernize their claims processes. Companies can create a fully digital claim file to improvs the efficiency of front-line, claims employees by increasing the speed of claims handling and decision-making, as well as the ability to create tailored customer experiences. Having been deployed on-premises for multiple large home and auto, health, workers compensation and other claims processes, the claims solution is now available as a cloud-based, fully managed and hosted service that leverages the core content management services of Alfresco’s Digital Business Platform. Clients can leverage the claims management solution ‘as-a-service’ immediately with minimal configuration and effort for faster ‘time to value’ operations – without the cost and complexity of deploying, managing, and updating the platform themselves.

Capabilities include the centralization of all workflows, insurer details, and supporting multimedia documentation (including video, audio, PDF and office documents) into a single, digital, claim file view to improve the accuracy of claims operations, increases customer retention, and reduces storage and manual handling costs. The claims solution includes high-speed viewing, annotation and redaction functionality as well as side-by-side viewing of documents in a single view. Other features include predefined stamps (approved, rejected, or user-defined…), document manipulation tools (delete, rotate, re-order), geometric annotation tools (arrows, free text, and rectangles), and ‘sticky notes.’