The Guardian’s old-article trick

“… this is a great idea, one worth replicating elsewhere. But it’s also a reminder of the power publishers have to use their article metadata to improve public understanding — and how little they use it. When one of your old stories is floating around social media in a way that causes confusion, you can do something about it.” Read More 

The Guardian metadata trick example

Is ad blocking past 2 billion worldwide?

Doc Searls: “The answer is, we don’t know. Also, we may never know, because”… Read More

Journey mapping: 9 frequently asked questions

Journey maps are useful for building common ground in an organization, but practitioners often have questions and misunderstandings about their scope and how to create them. Read More

Bitter lesson + better lesson = lesson

Many of you will remember the rules vs data debates from the early days of machine translation and image recognition. There is a similar debate currently going on in AI research. The main differences are the dramatic improvements in deep learning, facilitated by the availability of massive computing power. The current discussion seems more secular, and concerned with relative costs and efficiencies. This post, “Better lesson” is by Rodney Brooks, but also checkout Rich Sutton’s “Bitter Lesson”, which Brooks links to. Both posts are short and very accessible. Read More

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