Adobe Systems Incorporated announced Adobe Tag Manager for the Adobe Online Marketing Suite, powered by Omniture. This new solution provides a tag management framework for the entire Adobe Online Marketing Suite as well as for other digital marketing technologies. Capturing anonymous audience data is typically done using a tag (a small piece of JavaScript or HTML image call) placed in a piece of content or on a Web page. Various applications for capturing and taking action on analytics data usually require their own tags. The process of implementing and maintaining separate tags on a Web page and across partners such as analytics providers, site and content optimization vendors, ad servers, ad networks, affiliate networks and audience measurement firms often requires significant technical skills to implement or change and can become costly, time consuming and error prone. Adobe Tag Manager solves these industry problems with a tag management framework that serves as a tag container, housing the tags that an Adobe customer may require, including all Online Marketing Suite tags and third-party tags. While some customers may deploy a new standalone tag container, Adobe SiteCatalyst customers can deploy the tag container without having to change their existing SiteCatalyst page tag. The tags within the container are managed through an administrative user interface where the customer can insert or remove tags (from Adobe or other partners) without making changes to a website.