Kaango, a web classified advertisement software platform, has joined the Atex global family of companies. As part of a deal that keeps Hearst Corporation and MediaNews Group as shareholders. Atex plans to expand Kaango worldwide. Kaango, which launched in 2006, provides a Web-based software platform to syndicate and publish print and online classified ads. A key feature of Kaango websites is they do not send users clicking away to unknown sites to view and interact with ads. This allows Kaango’s media partners to provide large ad volumes and a consistent user experience within each marketplace. Kaango also supports social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook as well as cross-posting to multiple Twitter accounts to support individual publishers. Atex will offer the Kaango service and brand to non-Atex sites as well as Atex’s current client base, as well as integrating Kaango technology within Atex’s advertising and Web content management systems. http://www.atex.com/ http://www.kaango.com/