Jive has announced Jive Market Engagement, a new solution that combines the power of social media monitoring with Social Business Software. Jive’s Market Engagement Solution aims to help organizations implement a unified social media strategy to interact with customers. The solution helps to socialize observations from Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and other online sources to move faster in the moment of pain or the moment of opportunity. While a small percentage of organizations use monitoring tools, most companies rely on a patchwork of alerts, people, and email to stay on top of conversations.  While these approaches may help organizations listen in on the river of conversations occurring across the social web, they certainly don’t allow companies to measure, share and engage with insights in a productive and timely way. Organizations should be able to listen, measure, engage and share insights using Jive Market Engagement to identify real-time issues, collaborate with a set of colleagues internally and ultimately more and engage in active dialogues with customers and influencers. The Jive Market Engagement Solution is designed to help organizations proactively monitor brand or product issues and competitive threats; enable quick collaboration on appropriate responses or interventions; and elevate and broaden the social conversations with a company. The “war room” environment allows for rapid decision- making from the right people within the organization. These observations are then consolidated into market summary reports, what Jive calls “Viewpoints.”  Viewpoints can be shared within an organization to foster collaboration and to develop and implement appropriate responses.  Jive Market Engagement also provides the ability to analyze the effectiveness of those responses. www.jivesoftware.com/