• Over at eWeek, Jim Rapoza looks at the most overhyped technologies of the century, and XML isn’t one of them.
  • At IBM developerWorks, Elliotte Rusty Harold speculates on the future of XML. He’s bullish on XQuery and Atom, and he declares the end of markup-centric editors.
  • Speaking of being bullish on Atom, check out Mochilla’s Atom-based API for premium content.
  • Geoff Bock sends along news that Microsoft’s push to get OOXML as a standard is being scrutinized by the EU.
  • Also on the OOXML front, IBM and Microsoft seem ready to go toe to toe. More perspective here and here.
  • Have you ever thought you should be able to take DITA-encoded content and pump it through InDesign? You are not alone.
  • If you follow the Apache Software Foundation or other technical listservs at any level of interest, you just have to try Mark Logic’s MarkMail application where you can ask questions like, “Who from Microsoft chimes in on the XML schema list at the W3C?“.
  • I’m not the only one to think that part of Microsoft’s interest in Yahoo is driven by Yahoo’s impressive efforts in wireless technology, which have XML at their core.