(NYSE:CRM) introduced Salesforce Content, an expansion of its platform and application strategy for managing and sharing all business information on demand. Apex Content, a major new extension to the Salesforce platform, will enable the creation of content-based applications. Salesforce ContentExchange, a new on-demand application built on the new platform technologies, will enable customers to manage their documents and other unstructured data on demand as they manage their structured data within the existing Salesforce CRM applications. Apex Content and Salesforce ContentExchange will be based on technology acquired from Koral Technologies. acquired Koral in March 2007. Terms were not disclosed. Apex Content will provide a content platform that will fuel Salesforce applications, including AppSpace, Salesforce PRM, and Salesforce Wealth Management Edition. With Apex Content, developers will be able to create new kinds of content applications. The first application to be built on Apex Content will be Salesforce ContentExchange. Salesforce ContentExchange will help companies store, share, find and manage the business information that currently lives in documents, emails and HTML, while keeping all users and content in sync. Salesforce ContentExchange will take community participation, tagging, recommendations, subscriptions, and an AJAX user interface and apply them to enterprise content management. Pricing and availability of Salesforce ContentExchange and Apex Content is scheduled to be announced later this calendar year.