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Blog posting from Word 2007

Looks like Microsoft is adding blog posting support to Word 2007 in a way that not only does not screw up your HTML, but attempts to take advantage of Word features bloggers care about without other features getting in the way. This is more appealing than it may sound at first, and may be useful when building enterprise blog applications where Office is entrenched and familiar. It will be in Office 2007 Beta 2. Learn more from the developers.

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  1. Jon Garfunkel

    Just to add the perspective from my blogging-isn’t-special school of thought, the announcement also details how MS Word 2007 will be able to publish to any ECM. A blog server is just an ECM with many features not yet developed.
    This is good news for everybody– except the vendors who specialize written ECM plugins for MS Word (I thought I saw some at GilbaneSF).

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