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Month: April 2006 (Page 1 of 14)

ClearStory Announces ActiveMedia Essentials Business Unit

ClearStory Systems, Inc. (OTCBB: CSYS) announced its new ActiveMedia Essentials Business Group, a team that will offer a secure, entry-level hosted DAM service to the market. Aimed at departmental workgroups or small organizations, the ActiveMedia Essentials service offers a pay-as-you-go solution for digital mediaphotos, graphics, marketing materials, presentations, and video. With nothing more than a web-browser, companies can organize and manage digital media with secure anywhere, anytime availability for sales teams, distributors, partners, agencies, or other external users.

Alfresco Enterprise Edition Goes 100% Open Source

Alfresco Software Inc. announced that 100 percent of the Alfresco Enterprise Edition will be open source. The model commercial open source companies are using is to offer the same functionality across all product lines. This gives the customer the option of purchasing, not extra functionality, but support, consulting, integration and training. This approach enables the customer to get the benefit of open source in the short-term, low-risk trial with easy access to source code, product details and roadmap, and also in the long-term by having the flexibility to stay with enterprise support or move to a community model with no loss of functionality and no code change requirements. Alfresco offers two functionally similar product lines – Enterprise and Community. The Alfresco Enterprise Network offers: Certified Stacks; Maintenance, Updates and Patch Support; Customer Support – Problem Resolution, Compatibility and Migration Advice; Customer Portal – Information, Bug Tracking and Case Tracking; Performance Tuning Advice; and Indemnity and Warranty.

Vignette Releases IDM 20.1

Vignette (NASDAQ: VIGN) announced the immediate availability of Vignette IDM 20.1, the foundation product of Vignette’s Imaging and Workflow solution. The new release features more robust reporting and workflow automation capabilities and integrates with Vignette’s Portal. Vignette’s Imaging and Workflow solution helps organizations reduce their reliance on paper, lowering storage costs and mitigating the risk of catastrophic destruction of paper documents and records. Vignette IDM 20.1 provides the following enhancements: Automated retention schedules to enable adherence to record keeping regulations; New reporting capabilities to assess business volumes and analyze historical trends; Automated e-mail notifications when documents of interest are captured; and, Full integration with Vignette Portal, making possible the personalized Web delivery of digital documents and transaction information to key internal and external constituents.

Vendor News and RSS

Frank does a great job of filtering the news and getting it out to our readers. We get several press releases a day, and on busy days it can be a dozen or more. When one of our conferences or a trade show like AIIM is coming up, the flood of news can be pretty overwhelming. To make it more challenging, most of the news ends up in our email in-boxes–along with dozens of other legitimate email and, some days, hundreds of spam. I have pretty good spam filtering, but sometimes it overflags, and a vendor email will end up in my junk mail folder. Every week or so, I go through the spam and flag these email addresses for my white list.
So I have a proposal for vendors. Come up with an RSS feed for your news, and I will subscribe to it. A few of you already do this, and I have subscribed, but most of you don’t. So add an RSS feed for your press releases and let us know–by email of course. 😉
While you are thinking about it, you could consider a more general RSS feed for other elements of your Web site–events, new documents, and so forth. I am sure your customers would appreciate it too.

Must be Something About the Name Dave

So Ingres is now open source, and, in the spirit of newer companies, the CTO, Dave Dargo has a blog. Out of the gate, Dave writes long, interesting entries that touch on both technology and the business impact of technology. This reminds me of the blog written by Dave Kellogg, CEO of MarkLogic. While I enjoy all kinds of blogs recently, there is something of real value in what the two Daves are doing here–taking technical subjects, putting some business perspective around them, and writing about them at some length.

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