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QL2 and Traction Software Team Up

QL2 Software and Traction Software announced a joint development partnership that makes data extracted from the deep web by QL2 Software’s data extraction platform, WebQL, available to users of Traction’s TeamPage enterprise weblog solution. WebQL seamlessly gathers difficult to reach unstructured data from online sources and integrates it into TeamPage’s collaborative, secure blog workspaces. WebQL can monitor even password protected newswires, trade journals, websites and blogs. WebQL takes data extraction a step further by monitoring clinical trial, adverse events, legislation, pricing and other databases. WebQL watches web sites for page changes and reports the differences. WebQL may execute hundreds or thousands of queries in a given day, and provide only those results that match specified requirements. WebQL may run standing queries on a regular basis, or do one-off form driven queries launched directly from the Traction interface. When WebQL finds a relevant content match or page change, it extracts and publishes the relevant information to Traction TeamPage with appropriate category tags from any of the project blogs. Traction’s interface delivers the content securely through a date driven newspaper style front page and project news pages, an automated newsletter, and a dynamic RSS feed. Users can query Traction to view any cross-section of topics of interest. For more information visit Traction at their booth at Gilbane San Francisco this week.,

Hot Banana Software Announces 8 new Channel Partners

Hot Banana Software Inc. announced the addition of 8 new Channel Partners to help meet the demand for the Hot Banana Active Marketing Web Content Management Suite. The new partnerships position Hot Banana to build upon its recent strong sales and revenue growth internationally and across North America. The announcement was made from the Hot Banana booth (114), at the Gilbane Content Management Conference, April 25 – 27, 2006 in San Francisco. The 8 new Hot Banana Channel Partners are: Momentum Web Solutions, Oxford, UK; Braincrumbs, Tulsa, Oklaholma & Denver, Colorado; Image Soup, St. Louis, Missouri; True Blue Technologies, Carmel, Indiana; Zoetic WebWorks, Ann Arbor, Michigan; Bridgecourt Technologies, Welland, Ontario, Canada; Floating Point – Kingston, Ontario, Canada; and SwiftKICX Solutions, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

PTC Announces Integration Between Windchill 8.0 & Arbortext 5.2

PTC (Nasdaq: PMTC) announced the availability of the integration between Windchill 8.0 and Arbortext 5.2, delivering an end-to-end technical publications solution from a single vendor. The solution provides an integral connection between PTC’s Windchill content and process management software and PTC’s Arbortext XML authoring and dynamic publishing software. Built to help solve the challenge of creating and publishing complex, accurate technical documents concurrently with a manufactured product, this release serves both the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) markets. The PTC PDS is designed to deliver the full complement of capabilities on an integral architecture that supports the global nature of product development, including the technical publications process. Specifically for technical publications, the PTC PDS enables companies to create content using an XML-based component approach, collaborate within and across organizational boundaries, control and manage content configurations and related processes, and communicate relevant information to a wide variety of audiences. The integration is delivered with Windchill 8.0 M020 and Arbortext 5.2 M010, which will be available early May 2006. Windchill and Arbortext customers with current maintenance are entitled to receive these new releases free of charge.

Lionbridge Launches Freeway 2.0

Lionbridge Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:LIOX) introduced Freeway 2.0, a web-architected language collaboration platform. Freeway brings together the critical elements of a global enterprise translation program into a single on-demand, free application available to Lionbridge clients and translation partners. Using Freeway, local project management, in-country translation and reviews, offshore engineering, and quality control are now all managed real-time on a web platform. Using a secure login, clients, Lionbridge personnel, and translators can access their Freeway environment via a web browser in any one of 17 available languages. Once inside they can initiate projects, upload and download language assets, manage glossaries and translation memories (TMs), and track the status of a single project or their entire program history. Freeway can be configured for any user with no limitation on the number of “seats,” and without any deployment costs. All language assets can be imported and exported. Freeway can be connected via web services to in-house and content solutions from EMC Documentum, Interwoven, Microsoft, Oracle, CrownPeak, and Vasont Systems, providing an automated workflow cycle from creation to global publishing. Freeway 2.0 is built on two production technologies: the Logoport linguistic engine and Lionbridge’s collaboration portal.
Freeway 2.0 is available today for Lionbridge clients and translators.

Essential Security Software Announces Support for Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services (RMS)

Essential Security Software, Inc. announced support for Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services (RMS), and the extension of its capabilities beyond Active Directory requirements, allowing enterprise organizations to set and enforce document and e-mail usage policies for the secure exchange of e-mail and documents with small businesses. The announement was made at the Gilbane Enterprise DRM Conference in San Francisco. Windows RMS-enabled applications help safeguard digital information from unauthorized access and use. Essential Security Software will extend the Windows RMS platform by enabling the following: Interoperability between Essential Taceo, Essential Security Software’s peer-to-peer email and document security solution, and Microsoft’s RMS; Identification and management of keys for small businesses by Essential Taceo to enable small businesses that do not run Active Directory to securely exchange email and documents with enterprises that do; Automatic identity translation through Microsoft’s Rights Management Services to translate identity into and out of RMS for small business users of Taceo; and Rights translation and enforcement services through and between RMS and Essential Taceo.

Liquid Machines Announces Two New Enterprise Rights Management Solutions

At the Gilbane conference in San Francisco Liquid Machines announced two new Enterprise Rights Management solutions to simply information protection without requiring changes to normal user behavior. Liquid Machines Google Mini Gateway enables organizations using the Google Mini enterprise search appliance to index and search rights-managed content. Using the Liquid Machines Google Mini Gateway, enterprises can create and maintain a comprehensive index of rights-managed enterprise content, and make that index available to authorized users via the Google search interface. The solution recognizes when the Google Mini appliance requests a protected document, and dynamically decrypts the document to provide a clear-text copy for indexing. When a request comes from a standard user, protected documents matching the key search criteria appear as links in the Google Mini interface. The requested file is rights-managed, with access and usage policies seamlessly enforced using Liquid Machines Document Control. Liquid Machines Fileshare Gateway enables customers to easily secure their regulated and confidential documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other electronic files that exist on network servers and file shares. Liquid Machines Fileshare Gateway extends the networked file server approach to managing and controlling access by placing the protection on the data, automatically encrypting files such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and diagrams as they are added to, or modified in, a folder or file share. This ensures protection not only when documents are stored, but during usage and distribution (e.g. open, edit, save, save as, copy/paste, drag and drop, print, etc.).

eTouch Systems Introduces Enterprise Wiki eTouch SamePage

eTouch Systems unveiled its enterprise wiki solution, eTouch SamePage, at the Gilbane Conference on Content Management Technologies. eTouch SamePage delivers rich functionality and wiki with enterprise-grade scalability, security, and stability to effectively support, streamline, and manage team collaborative efforts. With eTouch SamePage, teams of any size can work together more effectively, making collaboration and sharing knowledge across projects, organizations, and geographies easier than ever. eTouch SamePage is available immediately in three deployment options: On-Demand, Appliance, and On-Premise. eTouch SamePage On-Demand starts at $100/month for the first 20 users and is available as a free trial for 30 days.

Intellext Releases Latest Version of its Watson Search Tool

Intellext announced the release of Watson 2.3, a search tool that proactively finds and delivers relevant information to users. The latest version of Watson improves the user experience with new usability features such as the addition of people and company content from Zoom Information, a Drag and Drop feature for easy information collection and Yahoo! Desktop Search integration. Watson recognizes when someone is looking at information about people and companies, and queries the ZoomInfo search engine for relevant results. Content from ZoomInfo is then delivered to the user in Watson’s sidebar interface. Another new addition to Watson 2.3 is the Drag and Drop feature, which simplifies the process of incorporating information that Watson finds into the user’s work. Any result that Watson finds, whether a web page, email or desktop file, can be dragged from Watson’s sidebar interface into the program the user is working on, then dropped for information collection. Watson 2.3 also now supports and integrates with Yahoo Desktop Search, and includes several performance and stability improvements, such as the elimination of the need to reboot after installation.

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