Lionbridge Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:LIOX) introduced Freeway 2.0, a web-architected language collaboration platform. Freeway brings together the critical elements of a global enterprise translation program into a single on-demand, free application available to Lionbridge clients and translation partners. Using Freeway, local project management, in-country translation and reviews, offshore engineering, and quality control are now all managed real-time on a web platform. Using a secure login, clients, Lionbridge personnel, and translators can access their Freeway environment via a web browser in any one of 17 available languages. Once inside they can initiate projects, upload and download language assets, manage glossaries and translation memories (TMs), and track the status of a single project or their entire program history. Freeway can be configured for any user with no limitation on the number of “seats,” and without any deployment costs. All language assets can be imported and exported. Freeway can be connected via web services to in-house and content solutions from EMC Documentum, Interwoven, Microsoft, Oracle, CrownPeak, and Vasont Systems, providing an automated workflow cycle from creation to global publishing. Freeway 2.0 is built on two production technologies: the Logoport linguistic engine and Lionbridge’s collaboration portal.
Freeway 2.0 is available today for Lionbridge clients and translators.